Relationships have strengthened during  Covid. How can we keep them strong?

Many Australians say their relationships – both at home and at work – have become stronger during the pandemic. 

We’ve all faced stress, including added job pressure, concerns about staying well, unemployment, isolation from our wider social circles, educating kids at home, and more. But it seems we’ve banded together with the people we’re closest to in order to get through it. 

McCrindle Research reports that almost 80 per cent of Australians have strengthened their family or household relationships while restrictions and physical distancing have been in place. 

The same number of people say they’re also becoming clearer on who they want to spend their time with.  

And nearly 70 per cent of Australians say their relationships with workmates are stronger now. 

That doesn’t mean relationships have suddenly become perfect – there’s certainly a significant amount of stress and tension during this time, too. But this is an indication that we’ve been leaning on each other to get through a tough time. 

The big question is: how can we make sure our relationships stay strong after all this? Here are some ideas: 

Stay on the same team

Whether it’s your partner, a friend you share a home with or a workmate, it’s important to remember that you have common goals. Try to stick together, rather than take your stress out on each other. 

Look after yourself

In order to nurture your relationships, you need to put yourself first sometimes. You can’t pour from an empty cup, as they say. 

Understand your communication style

Are you someone who’s good at saying you need to talk? Or do you let things burst out when they’ve built up? Think about how you communicate with the people in your life, and focus on the positive methods you use. 


Help each other through tough times – and good times – by listening to each other’s perspectives.

With a few good habits, many of us will keep these deeper connections into our post-Covid lives. 

That’s a big positive out of all this.