Ride Around Kangaroo Island (virtually) with us

Fortem has come together with two Australian entities, Maglia Nera Cycling Tours and GoCycle to create a virtual riding platform for not-for-profit organisations.

The new ‘Charity’ feature, added to the already existent GoCycle App, enables the running of events and challenges in a private and secure environment, bringing people together in a healthy and supportive manner.

The GoCycle App allows you to record rides manually or alternatively sync your Strava or Garmin Connect accounts, recording every kilometre. The beauty of GoCycle is that your actual route is not visible, just your total kilometres, which are then credited to your events or challenges, giving you full privacy.

The default GoCycle feature is your ride around Australia, where your accumulative distances allow you to watch yourself move around our vast continent. Every kilometre you ride earns points which in turn can be used for a variety of redeemable products.

Maglia Nera Tours, our cycling tour partner, has worked tirelessly with GoCycle to develop the new ‘Charity’ feature and has developed the maps, routes and testing required. Both organisations have completed this work as a donation to not-for-profits such as Fortem.

Fortem will be the first organisation to use the new GoCycle Charity feature, launching the Kangaroo Island virtual challenge from 16-30 October.