Rock climbing offers a chance to connect, be active, and more

Illawarra first responder families – kids and adults alike – had a great evening of rock climbing last weekend.

The evening started with everyone arriving at the climbing gym for some pre-activity snacks and drinks. This gave everyone a chance to meet, connect and get to know one another before harnessing up and having a safety lesson in rock climbing.

It wasn’t too long before everyone paired up and got stuck into the climbing. It was great to see everyone get involved, encourage each other, give it a red-hot go, and have fun!

Dinner time (mmm, pizza!) was a chance to get to know each other more. Everyone heard about the different hobbies that each participant usually spends their time on, ranging from line dancing to salsa classes, fishing to bushwalking, and everything in between.

Rock climbing is the perfect way to connect with others, be active, be mindful and keep challenging ourselves to learn new skills.

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