Sensational Seafood Cooking Class | Bega Valley Region Activity Wrap Up

First responder families from the Bega Valley region recently had an amazing experience when they attended a ‘Cooking with Seafood’ class at Eastwoods Deli and Cooking School. Chef Kelly taught our participants how to make 3 courses, starting with Italian Whitebait and Lemon Aioli, followed by Sicilian Calamari Salad and to finish a Chilli Crab and Mussels dish! Hayley, our Fortem team member in the Bega Valley region, tells us more about this fishy adventure!

“A bit of a running joke at all of our cooking classes is to critique the aprons (there’s always a very ‘diverse’ array of designs!) One of the participants who had attended a few classes finally took the plunge and bought himself an apron! We joked that next will be a tall chefs hat, which we will definitely make this happen!

Talk turned to fishing, with a Marine Rescue volunteer also being a very keen and very knowledgeable fisherman. We looked through plenty of photos of big catches from local Bermagui waters. We all had a good laugh when we realised that his screen saver was a picture of a Marlin – not his wife!

As always, talk turned to travel and we speculated how much the plate of crunchy, golden whitebait would be in Venice, which is a very expensive city to dine in, according to one of our participants and Chef Kelly who were both very well travelled.

Just like the class the night before, the Dad jokes came thick and fast, with people using their ‘mussels’ to clean the seafood – we also used our ‘mussels’ to laugh and joke and (of course) eat!”

This wellbeing activity was a great way for our first responder families to connect, whilst learning a new skill or two, and eating amazing seafood.

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