Fortem exists to provide the social and community connectedness that is essential for our health and wellbeing.

Fortem builds social and community connections for national security and emergency response personnel and their families, to enhance their health and wellbeing. We will deliver evidence-informed, community-based health and wellbeing support programs specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by the national security and emergency response community.  These programs are delivered virtually as well as in person.

Fortem is currently running a pilot program in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney for Australia’s national security and law enforcement community under a pilot program funded by the Commonwealth Government.

Why Connection?

Studies show that connection is an important part of the path to good mental health and can take a protective role in maintaining wellbeing in the face of repeated exposure to severe stressors. With one in two first-responders experiencing a traumatic event in the course of their work, Fortem will take a proactive approach to mental wellbeing by offering support for those who serve their community in an effort to increase protective factors as part of an early intervention model.

Studies also show that including family units in recovery can have positive impacts. Fortem will work will families and will acknowledge and build on family strengths whilst allowing families to better understand, communicate and connect.

Fortem’s focus will be on providing evidence-based  connection activities underpinned by mental health support. We will work closely with national security and law enforcement agencies to minimise the duplication of services.