Surfs up! With family surfing lessons | Gold Coast Region Activity Wrap Up

Another exciting wellbeing activity was held at the Gold Coast, with first responder families hitting the waves and learning how to surf over 4 weeks. It was an opportunity to meet new people and hang out with friends, learn new skills or develop existing ones, as well as a super fun way to be active.

First responder families learnt how to surf at a weekly surfing lesson on a gorgeous Gold Coast beach. The series of lessons enabled them to really learn and hone the essential skills during the 1.5 hour lessons. The four week learn to surf program hosted by Surfing Services Australia allowed the participants to qualify as a ‘level 1’ surfer recognised by Surfing Queensland.

Every Friday morning the families got out of bed bright and early and met at Currumbin Beach for their lesson. As it was a regular catch up, it helped with making new friends. Children from as young as 5 could take part and catch waves with their parents, so it was also a fantastic way to develop bonds within their own families.

Each lesson would start out with some land training, teaching everyone how to pop up correctly and to go over the safety tips. After land training it was off into the ocean for some fun. It was great to see how the group progressed and got better at every lesson.

Any tired children came onto the shore to play some beach games, look for shells and dig up pippies with Fortem’s staff while the parents could continue enjoying themselves out in the surf.

After the lesson was over, everyone worked together to get the boards and equipment back to the truck. Two little girls would get excited every Friday because when they went to the lesson it meant they were going to get tuckshop for lunch!

By the end of the series of lessons, every participant could stand up and catch waves comfortably, even the children! Even more important, this activity saw some great friendships formed and allowed the group to get to know each other very well. “We are looking forward to having our monthly surfing lessons and growing our surfing group!”

Parents were so thankful to be able to still take part in the surfing lesson even when the children were playing on the beach. “The children absolutely loved coming to play the beach games, I had to make them stop playing on the beach to go surfing!”

“The program was very well organised…and was very fun. I have recommended Fortem to several other Police Officers!”

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