Thank a First Responder Day

On Thank a First Responder Day, Fortem puts the call out to every Australian to say a huge ‘thank you’ to our first responders, creating a clear and resounding voice of gratitude.

Let’s show our respect for every first responder

Many of us have needed the help of a first responder during an emergency at one stage or another. And all of us are aware of the honourable, selfless and challenging work first responders do for our communities.

Homes and farms saved from bushfire, loved ones taken to urgent medical help, those lost at sea rescued and reunited with family, and the resolution of countless other perilous situations — this is work that takes a toll with first responders suffering far higher rates of trauma-related mental conditions than the general population.

We need their support… and they need ours

Clinically-backed professional support is vital, but prevention of trauma often starts with feeling appreciated.

We owe first responders our sincere gratitude.

Make them feel appreciated

It’s time to give back this 12 June 2024.

Get behind Thank a First Responder Day.

When we support the people who keep our communities safer, we support every Australian.