Thank a First Responder Day is tomorrow – June 9

Tomorrow (9 June) is Thank a First Responder Day – and Australians everywhere are stepping up to express gratitude to those who care for us, protect us, and respond to our calls for help. 

Some people have already started expressing their thanks via social media: 

“They go to work every day and put their safety on the line to help people when they need it the most. Thank you!” Rebecca. 

“Our family would be dead without their heroism early that morning. Can never thank our firefighters enough,” Letitia. 

“Every day, by just being there! Thank you all,” Gary.

“When I smashed my ankle those paramedics were angels! Honestly, they were so caring,” Candi.

Visit for tools and suggestions on showing your appreciation to Australia’s first responders on Wednesday, June 9. 

Managing Director of Fortem, John Bale, says “Our first responders have had a massive couple of years dealing with our worst bushfires on record, followed by the COVID-19 pandemic and widespread flooding.” 

“First responders are the last people to seek this sort of attention – but we want to draw on the power of thanks to let them know we appreciate them.” 

The cumulative effects of repeated traumatic and dangerous situations faced by workers like police, paramedics, and firefighters put them at far greater risk of psychological distress and mental health conditions. 

Fortem’s General Manager of Service Delivery and clinical psychologist Jae Lee, says initiatives such as Thank a First Responder Day, “foster a sense of community and social connection – an essential part of resilience and wellbeing.”  

“Many people in the community have personal reasons to be thankful for the work our first responders do. June 9 gives us all a chance to demonstrate this thanks explicitly. They may be small gestures, but they express big gratitude.” 

Thank a First Responder Day is an initiative of not-for-profit agency Fortem Australia and first responder agencies across Australia.

Mental health resources for first responders and their families can be found in the Fortem Resource Library.

Fortem activities, events and community engagements are designed to support the mental fitness of our first responder families. Read more about Our Approach.
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