The activity that inspired mindful, emotionally aware creativity

Gold Coast first responder families came together in a school holiday activity filled with opportunities to learn, connect and be mindful.

The art activity saw parents and kids create a piece of canvas art together: a wonderful chance to connect with each other as well as with the other participants.

Held at Artlis Studios in Currumbin, the activity utilised the relationship between colours and emotions. Teacher Mrs Bobby asked everyone to stop and think about how they were feeling in that moment, and then shared the colour wheel that associated the feeling that each colour represents.

Each colour is associated with an emotion: this learning inspired insightful creativity and connection with participants

That emotion was going to be the first bit of colour on their join canvas!

There was an emphasis of not thinking about the outcome of what the families were about to paint, but to instead think of what they wanted to put on the canvas right now.

This sort of mindfulness was present throughout the class, with all participants encouraged to make the canvas an outlet that reflected how they were feeling.

Everyone learnt how to use different paint tools like sponges, brushes, and spatulas as well as how to use colour to express feelings.

The outcomes of these paintings were simply amazing, to see how the participants took on the advice of Mrs Bobby and all produced such different pieces was very special to see.

The activity entertained the children for a few hours during the school holidays, and encouraged parents to take a break from their busy schedule and bond with their family members and other likeminded people. It even inspired one parent to include more creativity into their child’s day-to-day life:

“I’m going to arrange more art activities for the kids as I didn’t realise how artistic they are!”