The Little Adventurers explore the farm!

The Little Adventurers recently experienced all the fun of visiting the Green Connect Permaculture Farm. In June, the ‘Little Adventurer’s’ explored an 11-acre permaculture farm in the heart of Warrawong, a suburb within Wollongong LGA. On this activity, the first responder families put on gumboots and walked through the muddy paths and discovered the market gardens, the food forest where the fruit grows and the bush regeneration site that nourishes the farm and the land in so many ways.

The Adventurers met some of the animals including the free-range sheep, goats, pigs and chickens. We had loads of fun learning about the different farm animals and there was plenty of food to hand feed.

The farm started eight years ago, the vision was to turn a steep block of unused land into a thriving farm. Today the farm has grown enormously and produces fruit, vegetables, herbs, eggs, honey and free-range meat using organic principles. It’s also home to pigs, sheep and chickens.

Following our walk, we went back to the Education Discovery area, where we came together to have morning tea, and then children could play in the sandpit and mud-brick huts. Nature is the perfect classroom. It provides endless opportunities for students and children to learn about the real world in meaningful ways.

The Little Adventurers is a program hosted by Fortem Australia for families with children aged between 0 to 6 years old – similar to a playgroup, meeting monthly to explore different places within the Illawarra and Shoalhaven area. It’s an amazing way for the families to connect, be active and have some great fun learning about the world around them! You can join them in September to Walk An Alpaca!

Thank you Green Connect Permaculture Farm for your support in helping make this a farm-tastical experience!

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