The mindful art of basket weaving relaxes first responder families

First responder families came together to learn the art of basket weaving, which is a relaxing, mindful hobby that opened up new connections.

Basket weaving is a very old craft that people have been doing for centuries, using materials from their environment to create something useful and beautiful with. At our workshop we used long strand natural and coloured raffia.

Basket weaving often looks difficult to do, however once you get started and get the hang of it, it can be relaxing and easy to achieve the skill. It takes patience and time, but once you get started you can see the basket forming. 

One thing that participants noted about basket weaving was that even when each round was not the same, and was not perfect, it still looked good.

Using the workshop to learn to weave a small basket, participants were able to take their piece home to finish it off.  Each participant was given a set of instructions and extra raffia to not only finish off their basket, but also create another one if they chose.

All participants took to the skill with enthusiasm, and had a great time.