Wake up & hit the water! | Gold Coast Region Activity Wrap Up

Another exciting wellbeing activity held at the Gold Coast Wake and Aqua Park, with first responder families coming along to learn how to kneeboard and wakeboard, and have great fun at the inflatable aqua park. It was an opportunity to meet new people and hang out with friends, as well as a super fun way to be active. It was a great day for young and old.

Participants turned up at the Gold Coast Wake and Aqua Park on a cloudy Saturday morning where they got fitted for helmets, lifejackets, and their vessel of choice. After they completed the safety briefing, participants were taught how to wakeboard and kneeboard, and then they were off. Everyone gave the wakeboarding their best shot, one participant was even able to make it around on his first try! It was a fantastic but tiring two hours on the cables, with everyone earning their lunch.

Once everyone was finished on the cables, they all came in for lunch and shared stories about how we all went. One participant said they could have sworn they saw a turtle… which was very possibly true! Apparently the manmade lake joins with a river when it floods, and now the wake and aqua park is home to a family of turtles and array of fish.

After everyone refuelled at lunch, the group started their hour long session on the aqua park, which is like a giant jumping castle on the water. With obstacles to keep everyone occupied, the aqua park was a great way to finish off the great day of family fun.

“Such a great day with the kids, trying something new!”

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