Walk, Snap, Explore… and Chat | West Gippsland Activity Wrap Up

Our first activity for West Gippsland today was a cross between a bushwalk and scavenger hunt. Due to our small number, each family member decided to be their own team and compete against each other.

So we ventured down the rather wet track, dodging 4WD mud holes while trying to find the location of 10 photos that I had previously taken. The goal was to find the exact location and replicate the photo with the addition of a family member (or part of a family member). Thumbs up and heads and silly faces made the activity a lot more fun than any ordinary walk.

The old trestle bridge at Crossover made an interesting midway point for the walk. The teenage boys (and mum) enjoyed using their phones in a creative way to explore nature. The photos of the numerous butterflies were a good goal but not as successful as a beetle and the beautiful old gum tree or lush green tree fern.

Along the way, it was great to share stories about the goal of Fortem and hear of the challenges of a mum as a CFA volunteer, juggling work, children and being called out to fires, car accidents and often being asked as a backup for the police when extra support is needed. A CFA volunteer is so much more than just fighting fires. We talked about the trauma of car accidents, desensitization and the need for extra support.

We made our way back to the Neerim South park for some light refreshments while the photos were examined and judged for the highly valued prize of Freddo Frogs. Walking and talking, exploring and sharing, laughing and eating; the rain held off and the day was enjoyed by all.

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