Walk, Snap, Explore | Illawarra Region Activity Wrap Up

A little drizzle didn’t stop our Illawarra region first responder families from enjoying the recent Walk, Snap, Explore wellbeing activity. It was a great way to be active and connect… as well as explore the local area. Let’s hear from Alison, our Activities Officer in the Illawarra region.

“I was a little bit concerned with the weather in the morning, as it had been raining the day before and it looked very grey outside. When we all met up in the morning at the bridge at Elliot Lake, I checked with the guys to see if they were still keen for the walk as it was starting to drizzle. We all decided to go ahead with the walk as the rain was only a sprinkle and it was still warm. We started the walk from Elliot Park Bridge Barrack Point (the locals know it as ‘Little Lake’) to Shellharbour Village.

It’s an easy walk and flat along the footpaths. We saw a lot of surfers in the water riding the waves and some sea birds. Along the way we were able to take photos of the coastal beachside. The walk probably took about 30-40 minutes for us to get to Shellharbour Village, where we stopped at a local favourite known as Relish, for a cake, smoothie and chat. It was nice to get some shelter out of the rain, we were all a little wet by the time we got there.

On the way back we were continuing our conversations and getting to know one another a little more. I love organising and attending the activities, and meeting everyone and learning about what they do and their interests. I especially love and think it’s one of my favourite parts to my job is seeing people connect and getting out and having fun with people they have only just met.”

“In the beginning its always a little awkward, as you are a bit cautious and unsure of what to expect, but as the activity goes on everyone is talking, getting to know one another and finding that common ground.”

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