Watch out for the West Gippsland ninjas!

Back in August, our first responder families had the exciting opportunity to become ninjas! This wellbeing activity was all about learning how to do Ninja Parkour techniques safely. The Ninja Parkour host was very deliberate in teaching safe falling, landing techniques, placement of hands, feet, consciously looking for obstacles and blind spots when landing. A great way to burn off energy this wellbeing activity kept the kids busy and very active for a full hour jumping, twisting, climbing, running, swinging and more.

This also gave our parents and carers a chance to unwind make friends and connect over their mutual understanding of ‘first responder life’ even though they are from different agencies and brigades in the local area.

It was great to be able to meet again with a face to face activity in regional Victoria! While our numbers were small at the Ninja Parkour activity on Sunday 15th August, the energy of the six children was in abundance! At least at the start… by the end of an hour of jumping, twisting, climbing, running and swinging, the energy levels were somewhat lower.

Ninja Parkour is a new activity that combines gymnastics, acrobatics and martial arts into challenging obstacle courses. It is usually done outside with lots of concrete around, but today’s activity was in a gymnasium with the soft fall features, perfect for learning how to move like superheroes in a safe way. Parents know their kids are going to try crazy things and they want them to learn how to do it safely. They learnt how to do tricks with precision jumps, safety lands and rolls.

It was great watching them try to beat their own goal jumping up a wall and reaching above the purple line – only the photos will show how high they really jumped!

To say there were no injuries despite the sometimes falls and lack of coordination… just helps to show the objective of learning, was achieved.

For the four adults who spectated rather than risking injury to their slightly older bodies, the value of the activity was chatting. Out of the four family groups, two are regular participants in several of our activities, and two were first timers.

Excitingly, one new family has already signed up for other activities, despite being busy, but explaining how good it was to take a little time out for their kids. They are keen to do more Fortem activities, and love the wellbeing activities that are active and help them to connect with their own family, and others.

Although there had to be a few changes for this activity, with a maximum 10 per group, the advantage of smaller groups is the better quality of conversation and interaction for those that were there. A small group activity that resulted in very active children and building on new connections between the adults.

Thank you Tumble Train Gymnastics in Warragul for your support in helping make this an amazing experience!

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