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Post Traumatic Growth

Exposure to trauma, tragedy and the dark side of human nature can challenge what you believe about the word and yourself. Confronting a traumatic event and trying to make sense of it can therefore lead to powerful shifts in thinking.  

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Traumatic loss

Traumatic loss refers to the sudden, unexpected, and often violent loss of life under traumatic circumstances that are experienced as tragic, horrifying, and senseless. This is commonly experienced by first responders.

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Moral injury

First responders may experience moral injury, a psychological, social and spiritual wounding that can occur in high-stakes situations that deeply challenge the integrity of personal values, expectations, and social norms. 

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Cumulative trauma

First responders are often exposed to repeated and prolonged trauma which can lead to cumulative trauma. The effects of this can be so slow and subtle that they don’t immediately show up on your radar.

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Vicarious Trauma

Vicarious trauma

The second article in our clinical team’s trauma series is on vicarious trauma; the exposure to trauma experienced by others, which can lead to mental health outcomes like anxiety, depression and PTSD.

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Understanding Trauma

Understanding trauma 

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be hearing from the Fortem clinical team about the various types of trauma impact that first responders can experience. Trauma has traditionally been defined as a threat to physical safety.

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