Fortem Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that supports first responder families. Our first responders protect and defend our communities, and their families and kinship groups support them to do so.

The work they do is vitally important, but it is also often confronting, traumatic and dangerous. We believe that first responders and their families deserve to be connected with the support they need now and into the future.

Fortem Australia aims to support first responder families to proactively look after their wellbeing and mental fitness. We focus on building mental fitness and boosting wellbeing through a range of evidence-based services and programs, including wellbeing activities, clinical services, online toolkit and resource library.

Your fundraising will help us extend our support to all first responder families. The funds raised will allow us to provide more support to first responders and their families in more areas.

Please note, if you are looking to make a donation to Fortem Australia, please find details on our Donate page.

Thank you for raising funds for Fortem Australia. With your help, we can support more first responder families around Australia.

To help guide you along the way here are five steps to consider

Step 1 Determine the type of fundraising event you wish to organise (barbeque, morning tea, sports day, fun run are just a few ideas but be creative!)

Step 2 Read the rest of these guidelines to ensure you understand your responsibilities as a fundraiser for Fortem Australia, use of the Fortem Australia brand (name and logo), money management and legislative requirements.

Step 3 Prior to organising your event, please complete the online Fundraising Application Form. This form lets us know how you plan to raise funds for Fortem Australia as well as any resources you may need from us to make sure your event is a success. Forms should be returned to us a minimum of four weeks prior to the proposed date of your event.

The form can be found below, and is to be completed and submitted online.

Step 4 Fortem Australia will send you a letter of approval (Authority to Fundraise) to confirm we have received your details and are happy for you to proceed. This gives you the greenlight to start fundraising for us.

Step 5 Within 2 weeks of finishing your event, money should be banked into the Fortem Australia bank account. Return a copy of the bank deposit slip. These can be posted or emailed through.

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Please complete the following form and click submit. You will receive an Authority to Fundraise Letter once your application is approved so you can start fundraising. Any inquiries please email give @fortemaustralia.org.au or call 1300 33 95 94

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Please include name of venue or location, and address.
(e.g. movie night, BBQ, market stall, birthday, hair shave, sporting or hobby based event etc.)?
(e.g. pay to enter, gold coin donation, raffle, auction, giving tree)?
Please note, you must supply a complete record of income and expenditure with supporting receipts and invoices within 14 days of the conclusion of the event.
Please note all events that require PLI must have this arranged independently before the event is confirmed. No events or activities will be covered on the Fortem policy.
Please note responsibility to provide a COVID Safe activity or event lies with the organiser. Measures must be taken that comply with Australian Government requirements.


(e.g. local businesses, radio stations, celebrity)? Note: Whilst we try to assist with publicity or promotion, we do ask that any media promotion be arranged independently.
NOTE: Logo usage is only permitted for the event you are currently applying for. You must seek permission for further use.
The Fortem Australia logo, as provided, must only be used with prior approval. Please ensure the full name of the organisation is used on all promotional material you create. e.g. “Fortem Australia”.