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for Fortem Australia

Your fundraising efforts will help us extend our support to more first responder families in more areas across Australia. To give to Fortem directly, please consider making a donation.

Run for first responder mental health

Walk, jog or run to support the mental health of first responder families. ‘Move’ is one of our 5 Ways to Wellbeing and for good reason. Being active contributes to overall wellbeing and aids in quicker recovery from physical and mental stress. Movement plays a major role in maintaining mental fitness by helping us to cope with challenges, increasing energy and confidence, improving mood, and enhancing quality of sleep.

Have a question?

Do you have a fundraising query or need our help? Email us at give@fortemaustralia.org.au or call us on 1300 33 95 94.

Why fundraise for Fortem?

You are helping to support the mental health and wellbeing of first responders and their families.

Running not your thing? No worries!

If you’re not a first responder yourself, chances are you know someone who is a first responder employee or volunteer, a former first responder, or calls a first responder their friend or family member. Opening up a conversation about first responder mental health and wellbeing helps to decrease stigma and promote help-seeking – and shows gratitude for those that keep our communities safe.

Step 1.

Choose your event. You could organise a morning tea at the office, BBQ lunch or a picnic with friends. Ask your guests to donate what they would pay for the food if they’d eaten out.

Step 2.

Promote your event. Now it’s time to spread the word! We can help by sending any resources you may need, including a social media pack to share on your platforms.

Step 3.

Host your event. The fun part! We are here to offer advice and support for a brilliant event that helps raise awareness of the incredible work that first responders do.
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