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Fortem Australia is a not-for-profit organisation supporting the wellbeing and mental fitness of first responders and their families – the people who protect and care for our community.

Your funds will help us extend our support to more first responders and their families in more areas across Australia.

More than half of all emergency responders are deeply impacted by the traumas they face in the course of their duties. This is why we exist.

Fortem, meaning ‘brave’ in Latin, aims to support first responder families to proactively look after their wellbeing and mental fitness.

Fortem is an official partner of The Royal Melbourne Hospital’s Ways to Wellbeing – connect, move, learn, be, and give. These evidence-based strategies are integrated into all our activities, events, and programs to highlight the benefits of incorporating simple lifestyle changes into daily life.

Fortem offers a range of free services to eligible first responder families including

  • Wellbeing activities designed to connect families, strengthen bonds, and build communities.
  • Psychology support and care coordination assisting first responders and their loved ones to move through challenges in healthy, sustainable ways.
  • Transition and Employment support with a dedicated expert and access to job opportunities and pathways to other meaningful life choices.
  • Wellbeing Resources for quick-access mental fitness tools to download and print.
“So here we are 4 weeks after the activity organised through Fortem and I still feel like my life has been changed for the better. I am feeling like such a better person every day. Like everyone, I have my story of struggle and have only recently felt like I have just started to come through the other side. Throughout the retreat, the experiences I had, the knowledge I absorbed and teachings I listened to… they were the boost I needed to know that I was getting better.”
Fortem Australia wellbeing activity participant