If life is in danger

Beyond Blue 24/7 crisis support

Fortem Australia during business hours

Who we serve

First responders and their families

For simply doing their jobs – for protecting and caring for our community – first responders and their families/inner circles should not have their mental health and wellbeing negatively impacted.

But we know that that is not always the case.

Fortem provides evidence-based, comprehensive, and integrated wellbeing support to first responders and their families/inner circles.

First responder families

Our programs are here to support first responders and their families/inner circles. We know that every family is different, and that the meaning of ‘family’ comes from your own background, values, and circumstances.

Generally, we expect ‘family’ to mean the people in your inner circle – your household, or your closest support network. Let’s talk and work that out together – we want to help.

At times, wellbeing activities may have restricted capacity, in which case we may need to limit the number of places available to each family.

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