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Career management

Whether you’re not enjoying the job as much as you used to, finding your day to day stressful or upsetting, or struggling to figure out what comes next, we’ve got the research-backed expertise to get you energised about your next step.

One-size doesn’t
fit all

Wherever you’ve worked, whatever has come your way, there is a future for you outside of your agency – our confidential career management services are specifically designed and tailored to support first responders/you in the next stage of your career and life.

Be your best at work

Our career resilience support (where available in agency) gives first responders a range of assistance to increase career resilience, engagement, and wellbeing through:

• Tailored workshops
• Seminars
• Self-paced learning modules
• Wellbeing, education and lifestyle resources
• All underpinned by supported case management.

Life after first responder work

Our one-of-a-kind Career Transition Program is tailored to your needs, to support an exit from first responder work with dignity, confidence and optimism including:

• Identifying your transferrable skills
• Job seeking
• Resume and job applications
• Interview coaching
• Seminars and workshops (resume writing, careers, coping with transition and much more!)
• Self-paced learning modules
• Education and lifestyle resources
• Assistance to transition into retirement.
• All underpinned by supported case management

We will also support your family through this important transition.

“I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the incredible impact you’ve had on my life and career. When I first approached Fortem, I was drowning … I was provided with invaluable insights and guidance…(the Career Management Specialist) took the time to explain all the services Fortem had to offer and the extensive support available … you have not only reaffirmed my value within the community but, more importantly, you have restored my belief in my own worth as a human-being.” 

Career Management Program Participant


Our independence means you can be confident that whatever you share with us, stays with only us.

How to book

Contact our career management team for a confidential chat by completing this form.

We continue to work with agencies to expand our Career Management Program. The Program is currently open to the agencies listed on the Registration Form. If your agency is not available, we encourage you to check in from time to time as our networks continue to grow.

The Career Management Program is also open to civilian members of eligible agencies that perform operational roles, such as forensics, intelligence, radio operators etc.  

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Readiness for program
Stream 1 – I am ready to transition. I require limited support. I feel confident in my next career choice. I am confident in my job readiness. (Resume/cover letter/ interview) Stream 2 – I feel unsure about my transition. I require information & guidance. I have an idea of my next steps but would like support. I am interested in job readiness support. Stream 3 – I don’t feel ready for transition. I feel overwhelmed by the process. I feel uncertain of what my next steps are. I would like support and information on my options.

Initial contact with our team can be made directly via cmp@fortemaustralia.org.au.

Career management
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