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Workplace giving is a great way to support first responders and their families. This program allows staff to donate a portion of their pre-tax salary, which companies can then match to double the impact.

Your support through our workplace giving program will allow us to expand our services and resources to more first responder families across Australia.

First responder work is inherently stressful. In serving our community, first responders are at increased risk of harm. They experience higher rates of psychological distress, psychological disorders, and suicidal thoughts.
This is why we exist.

Fortem offers a range of free services to first responder families including:

  • Wellbeing Activities: Designed to build resilience by engaging individuals and their social networks to proactively look after their health and seek support when they need it.
  • Psychology and Counselling: Our staff are experienced and/or trained to be aware of first responder culture and concerns, because even the most resilient person is not immune to mental health issues.
  • Career Management Program: Designed to help maintain a healthy workforce with proactive career development as well as supported transition for those exiting service.
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources: Written specifically for first responder families with content that is relevant and evidence-based.

Since 2019 we have supported more than 13,000 first responders and their families across Australia:


participants recommend Fortem and want to take part in another wellbeing activity.

More than half

of participants were more open to mental health support following an activity.


of participants with active PTSD symptoms showed reduction of symptoms to below diagnostic threshold following treatment.

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