We support first responders and their families - the people who protect and care for our community.

Mental health and wellbeing – the fun way. Science-backed activities and programs as well as community engagement and support that promote and enhance important protective factors for first responder families.

A broad range of ideas, tools and resources tailored to the challenges of first responder life through our Resource Library and Peak Fortem mental fitness tool.

Specialised psychology and counselling for individuals and families that is free, independent, and respects your privacy. Our psychologists understand first responder families and speak your language.


Support for first responders looking for post-service career and lifestyle opportunities. Collaborative goal setting, employment skills and support, post-service lifestyle and family support, and opportunities with our Pledge Partners.

The road to NYC: Vanessa’s story

As well as the difficulties that come with a decade-long career as a police officer, Vanessa also witnessed the death of her training partner while on a ride in 2010. She describes running and triathlons as her saving grace, ever since she discovered the benefits of exercise for mental health.

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The road to NYC: Dan’s story

When the opportunity arose for first responders to run the New York Marathon, Queensland Police Officer Dan Wicks knew he wanted to be part of it. He had been selected as a reserve runner, in case one of the original four were not able to make it. Last month, he got the call to say that he would be on the plane with them.

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