Manage your career

Wherever you’ve worked, whatever has come your way, there is a future for you outside of your agency – our free and confidential career management services are specifically designed and tailored to support you in the next stage of your career and life.


We’ve got the research-backed expertise to get you energised about your next step.

One-size doesn’t fit all
Wherever you’ve been, whatever you’ve seen, and wherever you want to go — we’ll shape our customised Career Management Program to your specific goals and background.

Be your best at work

Our Career Resilience Program (where available in agency) gives first responders a range of support to increase career resilience, engagement, and wellbeing through:

• Tailored workshops
• Seminars
• Self-paced learning modules
• Wellbeing, education and lifestyle resources
• All underpinned by supported case management.

Life after first responder work

Our one-of-a-kind free Career Transition Program is tailored to your needs, to support an exit from first responder work with dignity, confidence and optimism including:

• Identifying your transferrable skills
• Job seeking
• Resume and job applications
• Networking
• Interview coaching
• Assistance to transition into retirement.

We will also support your family through this important transition.

The Program is currently open to first responders of agencies listed on the Registration Form.

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