15 May 2024

Fortem Australia Celebrates Government Funding Boost for First Responders

15 May 2024

Fortem Australia warmly celebrates and deeply appreciates the recent funding announcement by the Australian Government. We see it as a critical step in our mission to bolster the resilience, capability, and retention of Australia’s first responders.

As part of the 2024-25 Federal Budget, Fortem will receive a $3.5 million grant. This funding will significantly prioritise the resilience of first responders and their families, providing them with various preventative and early intervention support services, including social connection and wellbeing activities, mental health literacy workshops, and confidential psychology services.

The government’s decision to allocate funding underscores their confidence in the effectiveness and evidence-based nature of Fortem’s programs. These programs have been proven to secure the continued presence of first responders on the front lines of disaster-affected regions, empowering them to operate at their peak performance even in the face of mounting and overlapping catastrophic disaster events.

Fortem Australia Co-Founder and Managing Director John Bale said it was encouraging to see the Albanese Government, a long-standing advocate for the nation’s first responders, support our cause.

“We wholeheartedly welcome the government’s commitment to those safeguarding our communities,” he remarked.

“In the wake of recent unprecedented disasters, with the likelihood of similar events recurring, the toll on our communities is profound. It is our courageous first responders, especially the volunteers, who shoulder the weight of these crises. This has a profound personal impact on the wellbeing of those on the frontlines. Your support through this funding is a lifeline for them, showing them that their sacrifices are not in vain.”

Highlighting the importance of the investment secured in the Federal Budget, Mr Bale emphasised Fortem’s unwavering commitment to providing tailored and effective care to first responders and their families on the ground in regions across the country.

“We recognise the ongoing demand for our services,” he emphasised. “There is no time to waste ensuring our support reaches those who require it most.”

With this funding allocation, Fortem remains a proud partner of the Commonwealth National Emergency Management Agency, continuing to deliver a national program for the first responder community.

Additionally, Fortem is collaborating with state governments and first responder agencies to enhance support for their personnel. We are establishing and maintaining a nationally coordinated system akin to strategic backburning. This system involves direct service delivery, community mobilisation, coalition building, and unwavering advocacy to fortify frontline personnel against cascading disaster events.

This funding ensures a lasting positive impact on the wellbeing of first responders, fostering resilience and bolstering Australia’s disaster preparedness.


For further information or media inquiries, please contact:

James Maskey, Fortem Australia

T: 0457 634 512