15 December 2022

Surfing and social connection for WA’s first responders

Fortem has brought the joy of social connection wellbeing activities to Western Australia! Recently, a group of first responders and their family members met at Trigg Beach to catch some waves and meet some new people. There was a mix of agencies in attendance including Australian Border Force, St John Ambulance WA, and the Australian Federal Police. The families did some training on the sand to practice popping up and learnt how to read the waves, then they were off!

After an hour in the water, they were all standing up, laughing, and mastering a new skill that they can embrace and enjoy in their daily lives. One of the participants took the day off work to spend time with his kids, which all started with Fortem’s surfing lesson, followed by Fortem’s barbeque brekky.

That is what Fortem’s social connection activities are all about: bringing likeminded people together, and equipping them with skills to do similar things in future. Fortem’s in-person services have expanded to Perth, Darwin, Sunshine Coast, and Ballina – bringing us now to 12 locations across Australia. Keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming events which include both in-person and virtual so everyone gets a go!