18 December 2022

Striking the balance: Brendan’s story on carving a meaningful post-service life

“Monday 29 August saw me take up a position as a Zero Harm & Quality Coordinator (HSE Advisor) for an Australian & New Zealand Tier 1 Integrated Services Company. This opportunity was absolutely achievable and I became highly sought after as a result of my extensive portfolio of RPL qualifications from Churchill Education including: Diploma of Work Health and Safety, Diploma of Leadership and Management, Diploma of Government, Diploma of Security and Risk Management, Diploma of Government Investigations, and Certificate III in Investigative Services.

I am one of the WA Police Force record high resignation statistics for August, and 2022, after making the decision along with a steady flow of others to leave WAPF whilst in my 13th year of service.

I made it through my previous life and mental health challenges as a result of validating my practical career experiences and turning them into real qualifications through RPL in 2019 and I embarked on a slow yet strategic way forward.

When I applied for other roles with my new quals, I was always very competitive and my qualifications were always mentioned at interview, I was just unable to close the deal, until recently.

Working with my arsenal of recognised nationally accredited skills and supported by Elise at Fortem Australia through the Transition Engagement Program, I started truly putting my best foot forward.

With immense gratitude and my sincerest thanks to you all at Fortem Australia and Churchill Education for helping me achieve a life post-policing, and for helping me find finding the much-needed life/work balance to re-engage with my family.”

By Brendan Maccione