12 April 2023

Media release: 8 weeks until Thank a First Responder Day

Thank a First Responder Day recognises over 370,000 first responders and national security personnel who play a critical role in keeping their community safe. Celebrating its fourth year, Thank a First Responder Day is spearheaded by Fortem Australia, a national charity organisation providing evidence-based, wellbeing and mental health care to first responders and their families 365 days a year.

This year on Wednesday 7 June, Fortem Australia is teaming up with the Rapid Relief Team (RRT) to bring frontline workers and the community together, celebrating with a free BBQ lunch in 13 locations across the country.

“First responders are always there when we need them, often putting others before themselves in the toughest of circumstances. What is often overlooked with their selflessness and bravery is that they are human just like the rest of us and sometimes require support to help them continue to do their important work,” said Fortem Australia Managing Director John Bale.

Fortem Australia aims to involve every Australian in saying thanks to boost the wellbeing of first responders by creating a clear and resounding voice of gratitude. Australians can help first responders feel appreciated by posting messages of thanks on their social media channels using the hashtags #ThankAFirstResponder and #PowerOfThanks, hosting or joining an event in their community, or by getting creative in finding new ways to say thanks.

Visit firstresponderday.com.au to find out more about Thank a First Responder Day, held on Wednesday, 7 June 2023.

Events planned – Ballina, Bundaberg, Caboolture, Canberra, Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast, Maryborough, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Sydney, Toowoomba, and West Gippsland.