1 June 2023

Fortem welcomes new Advisory Board Chair, Michael Willing APM

We are delighted to announce a significant development within Fortem Australia – the appointment of a new Advisory Board Chair. Effective immediately, we welcome Michael Willing APM to assume this crucial position.

Michael brings a wealth of experience and expertise as a current Fortem Australia Ambassador and Accenture Australia Managing Director – National Security and Safety, and Client Account Lead. With over 31 years of distinguished service as a former Deputy Police Commissioner in the New South Wales Police Force, Michael has demonstrated exceptional leadership and provided invaluable contributions. Notably, he led the New South Wales recovery efforts following the 2019/2022 bushfire disaster as the State Recovery Coordinator, overseeing joint government and Australian Defence Force operations as the head of the then New South Wales Disaster Recovery Office.

Michael’s unwavering commitment to the career management, mental health, and wellbeing of the first responder and national security communities is truly commendable. His profound industry-specific expertise, combined with a passion for innovation, will undoubtedly drive our Advisory Board forward and ensure continued success.

As we welcome Michael, we express our heartfelt gratitude to the outgoing Chair, Andrew Colvin AO APM. Andrew has been an integral part of Fortem Australia since its inception, serving as our inaugural chairperson since December 2019 and providing exceptional leadership and counsel throughout his tenure as Advisory Board Chair until May 2023. Having collaborated closely with Michael, Andrew highly recommends his appointment to the Fortem Australia Advisory Board.

Andrew has stepped down as Chair of the Fortem Australia Advisory Board to focus on the Independent Review of Commonwealth Disaster Funding. This significant role allows him to explore the most effective ways for the Australian Government to support communities through the funding provided for disaster management. With his extensive experience in disaster response and recovery, Andrew is best positioned to lead this Review, and we congratulate him warmly on his appointment as Independent Reviewer.

Under Michael’s guidance and leadership, we are confident that the Advisory Board will become an influential forum for thought leadership, enabling effective response to sector-wide opportunities, promoting the mental health and wellbeing of first responders, national security personnel and their families.