Circumnavigate Tasmania (virtually) for charity

First responders have protected our communities from bushfires and many other disasters. This November, there’s a new way to support them and their families.

Cycle a virtual circumnavigation of Tasmania to raise much-needed funds to support the people who keep our communities safe.

This event is free of charge for first responder families.

The event is thanks to a new partnership between Fortem Australia, Maglia Nera Tours and GoCycle.

The event, which was originally planned to be held in Tasmania, has become a virtual event due to COVID-19 restrictions.

There are two options for cycling participants between 7 November and 29 November 2020:

  • A virtual ride near your home, until you have accumulated enough kilometres to have done a Full Map (1,040km), the West Map (585km), or the East Map (455km).
  • Tasmanian participants may choose to download a map and take on the circumnavigation challenge (or part of it) in the Apple Isle itself.

Our first responder families need support as they head into what will inevitably be a challenging summer of bushfire risk and pandemic regulations. Money raised through the cycling event will help them access wellbeing activities and psychological support.

For more information and to register for the event, visit our activities page here.