Fortem welcomes Graham Ashton as Board Chair

Fortem Australia is honoured to welcome Graham Ashton as our Board Chair.

Graham is the former Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police and Deputy Commissioner of Australian Federal Police.

‘Graham was instrumental in leading mental health reform with Victoria Police and brings to Fortem this understanding of how vital connection and support are for wellbeing and mental fitness,’ says Fortem co-founder and managing director, John Bale.

Graham told the Australian Strategic Policy Institute that he looks forward to bringing his knowledge of first responder needs as well as his lived experience of mental health challenges to the role of assisting Fortem deliver a range of services to first responder families.  ‘… I’ve taken a strong interest in managing and leading employees who had difficult times in their own mental health and more broadly for members of families,’ he said.

‘It’s good that Fortem has both a clinical and a wellbeing focus. It’s able to provide on-the-ground clinical support, which is locals helping locals, and it’s very much also about ensuring that it can look after wellbeing and do the proactive work as part of that.’