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Survey shows positive wellbeing results for first responders

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Fortem’s wellbeing activities are designed to be fun, but they have a serious purpose: enhancing the wellbeing and mental fitness of first responders and their families through the lever of social connection.

Our participants provide us with valuable feedback that helps us understand whether we are hitting the mark in terms of both satisfaction and key indicators of first responder mental health. We created the below infographic to share some insights and say thank you for your input!

79% of survey respondents said that the activity they attended enhanced their social connection.

We were excited to see that our participants were inspired to prioritise everyday things that boost wellbeing, including time for self and family, getting outdoors, trying new things and getting out of their comfort zone to connect more with others.

Research tells us that stigma gets in the way of first responders seeking support when struggling. It was really encouraging to see that participants felt less alone and more willing to reach out, with 17% connecting with our psychology support after attending an activity.

Check out the wellbeing activities happening in your local area, free for first responder families.

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