13 July 2023

Fortem presents at the 2023 Disaster and Emergency Management Conference

We were delighted to provide two presentations at the recent 2023 Disaster and Emergency Management Conference on the Gold Coast.

This year’s conference theme was ‘United in Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery’. Disaster management leaders from across the country came together to address the current challenges of the disaster management sector, along with real-world strategies to inform better planning, preparation, and response to emergencies and disasters that can occur within our communities.

Our Regional Manager for Queensland, Danny Staton, provided a case study of the effective resilience supports that Fortem delivered to first responders and their families in communities deeply impacted by the 2019 – 2020 Black Summer bushfires.

Our National Policy Specialist, James Maskey, provided a keynote presentation on how enhancing the resilience of first responders will ultimately fortify the capability of communities nationwide to respond to and recover from interconnected and escalating disaster events.

Fortem Australia is resolutely committed to enhancing the resilience and retention of first responders nationwide, ensuring they remain on the frontline in disaster-affected communities, performing safely and at their highest potential in the face of cascading, compounding, and concurrent disaster events.

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