3 August 2023

Where are they now? Meet former first responder Amanda 

Amanda worked as a police officer for 12 years. She had time off over the December 2022 period and when she came back, she felt very lost. Having decided to leave the force she had no idea what she wanted to do or if she was employable. All her qualifications were through the police force, and like many other police officers transitioning out, she was unaware if those qualifications could be used towards certificates that would help her employment in civilian jobs.  

“My career had ended suddenly and was beyond my control. I initially tried to go back and then decided to leave the police force… Job adverts seemed like they were in a foreign language, let alone getting to an interview stage. I had no idea how to write a cover page or resume.” 

“Who am I without the police? All my friends, my husband, and my identity are tied up with ‘the job’.” 

Amanda worked with Fortem to understand about what she needed to do to get a new job in a position she enjoyed. She received assistance with writing her resume, exploring career paths, and supporting her with her next steps.  

“You are so much more than a first responder. There is a whole big world out there, look after yourself. Get a good resume together. Back yourself and apply for whatever jobs you like. We have so many skills and Fortem helped me see this.” 

At Fortem you have a point of contact, one of our career management program specialists, someone who you recognise and who comes on that journey with you, for Amanda she was able to discuss more in-depth how she felt and where she saw herself going with her representative. 

“[Fortem were] Fantastic – so supportive, understanding, and willing to help. Michelle Law was so helpful, and Bluesky did my resume which was fantastic – and got me a job!” 

Amanda proves you have the stamina and ability to conquer anything as long as you are willing to give it a go. “I just had a job offer from the NSW SES as a research officer… Hoping that goes well. Looking forward to a new life and a new me… Also just ran my first half marathon and training for a full marathon!”